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SomnoDent Appliances – West Orange, NJ

Options for a Better Night’s Rest

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Oral sleep appliances all serve basically the same purpose: they reposition the jaw to prevent obstructions that can interfere with breathing during sleep. They thus play a vital role in helping patients break free from sleep apnea and all its symptoms. However, not all oral appliances are the same. Many different companies manufacture them, and some companies even create several different types of appliances. One such company is SomnoMed. At the Dental Sleep Center, we are proud to offer devices from SomnoMed’s line of SomnoDent devices.

Why Use a SomnoDent Appliance?

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Dr. Dawoud would never recommend a product to his patients unless he was truly convinced of its quality. He has taken the time to investigate SomnoMed and the devices they offer, and he has concluded that they are among the best of what modern sleep apnea therapy has to offer. Also, because the company manufactures so many different types of appliances, Dr. Dawoud can recommend the one that he believes is best for each patient’s unique oral structures, budget, and preferences.

Some outstanding advantages of SomnoDent appliances include:

  • They are backed by years of medical research
  • Each device is custom-designed based on impressions of a patient’s unique mouth
  • They are FDA-approved
  • Their innovative design makes adjustments easy, which results in less chair time for patients
  • They feature a remarkable SMH BFlex lining that is comfortable and does not attract odors

Types of SomnoDent Appliances

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SomnoMed produces two lines of SomnoDent appliances: standard and signature. The signature line features appliances with features like a unique drop-in fit and extra space for the tongue. The standard line is also very effective for treating obstructive sleep apnea; it even includes a morning repositioner that can help you to strengthen your muscles and properly train your jaw to rest in the correct position after you wear your sleep apnea device at night.

After Dr. Dawoud examines the position of your jaw and learns more about your sleep apnea, he will recommend a SomnoDent appliance that best fits your circumstances. If more than one option would be suitable for you, he can explain the pros and cons of each.

Caring for Your SomnoDent Appliance

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Although the lining of SomnoDent appliances helps to prevent odors, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your appliance clean. When you remove your device each morning, you should gently clean it with water and liquid soap (make sure the water is not too hot; high temperatures might warp the appliance). You can also use SomTabs, a special cleaning agent from SomnoMed, to keep your appliance as clean, fresh, and functional as possible.

Does Insurance Cover SomnoDent Appliances?

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Most major medical insurance plans do cover obstructive sleep apnea therapy, including oral sleep appliances from the SomnoDent lines. Our team will help you figure out how your policy applies and even file your claims for you so you can start to enjoy easier breathing at night without worrying too much about the financial aspects of your treatment.

Are you ready to learn how Dr. Dawoud and our team can help you sleep easier with a SomnoDent appliance? Contact us today to ask questions about our services or to request an appointment