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Oral Appliance Therapy - West Orange, NJ

A Better Sleep Apnea Solution For Quality Rest

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A whopping 20 million Americans lose out on much-needed sleep every night because of chronic snoring and untreated sleep apnea. In the past, traditional CPAP machines and corrective surgeries were the only methods available for treating symptoms. At the Dental Sleep Center North Jersey, Dr. Med Dawoud would like to introduce his patients to an alternative: oral appliance therapy.

Oral appliances are conservative, convenient, and highly comfortable, repositioning the jaw and/or tongue just enough to keep the airway clear throughout the night. If you’d like to explore this therapy option further, don’t hesitate to visit us in West Orange, NJ for a dedicated consultation.

Why Choose Dental Sleep Center North Jersey for Oral Appliance Therapy?

  • FREE, No-Strings-Attached Consultations
  • Highly Experienced & Compassionate Dentist
  • Insurance Welcomed & Affordable Financing Available

What is Oral Appliance Therapy?

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It’s very simple – patients will wear a custom-made oral appliance to bed each night that’s specifically designed to minimize instances of snoring and apnea (pauses in breathing) by holding the airway open. This device will be designed from comprehensive, all-digital impressions of the patient’s teeth to ensure a comfortable, stable fit.

Unlike CPAP machines, oral appliances are easy to use, don’t generate any noise, and can even be traveled with without any strain. According to recent research, the consistent use of oral appliance therapy can dramatically improve sleep quality by up to 90% in tired patients.

Is Oral Appliance Therapy Right For Me?

Man with custom sleep apnea appliance

Oral appliance therapy may not be the correct therapy for every patient with sleep apnea, but many people can achieve much-needed relief through its consistent use, such as the following:

  • If you’ve been diagnosed with mild to moderate symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • If you’re proven to be CPAP intolerant
  • If you are frustrated with CPAP therapy and would like to try an alternate method
  • If you have undergone corrective oral surgery and are still experiencing sleep apnea symptoms on a routine basis
  • If combined therapy may be the best way to address your sleep apnea symptoms

How Do I Get Started?

Dentist explaining sleep apnea treatment to patient

If you are interested in exploring the use of an oral appliance to treat chronic snoring, contact Dental Sleep Center North Jersey today to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Dawoud. He can perform a dedicated screening and determine whether or not this is the right path forward for your specific needs.

If you suspect that you may be a victim of sleep apnea, this initial process will be somewhat more involved. Patients will need a sleep apnea diagnosis in-hand before we can begin with treatment – this can be accomplished by using a take-home testing device or visiting a sleep laboratory for professional testing. We recommend that you consult your general physician or a local sleep specialist. Dr. Dawoud can even provide a recommendation! Once your condition is properly diagnosed, it will be time for our team to get to work on your highly customized oral device.

How Much Will Oral Appliance Therapy Cost?

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Every person’s needs are different when it comes to sleep apnea therapy – for instance, someone who wants to treat their chronic snoring with an oral appliance will usually incur less cost than someone with diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. During your first consultation, Dr. Dawoud can provide a comprehensive cost estimate before any actual treatment begins, helping patients move forward with full confidence.

Oral appliance therapy is usually partially or fully covered by medical insurance plans, and there are additional methods available for making the service affordable here at our dental sleep apneaoffice, including low-interest financing. Our team members are here to help!

Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today

Are you ready to start sleeping better at last? A high-quality oral appliance may be the perfect solution. Contact our West Orange, NJ dental sleep office to schedule a sleep consultation – It’s entirely FREE with no strings attached. Our team wants to get to the root of your problem as soon as possible and design the ideal treatment plan that leaves you with lasting relief.

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