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Herbst Appliance – West Orange, NJ

Convenient and Comfortable Sleep Apnea Therapy

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At Dental Sleep Center North Jersey, we proudly offer multiple types of appliances that can reposition the jaw and thereby facilitate unobstructed nighttime breathing. One such appliance is called the Herbst. Here, you will learn how the Herbst works, why it is a good option for patients of practically any age, and what you can expect with this type of treatment.

What Is the Herbst Appliance?

Herbst appliance

Whereas many types of oral sleep appliances are removable in nature, the Herbst is not. Rather, it is attached to the first set of molars via orthodontic bands. It consists of small metal tubes that guide jaw movement and can even affect jaw development. Some professionals have described the Herbst as an artificial temporomandibular joint (TMJ) because of the way it moves.

The Herbst appliance has the potential to provide long-term relief from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) because it can correct anatomical defects that were causing obstructions in breathing. In addition to treating OSA, the Herbst can be used to address orthodontic issues, TMJ disorder, headaches, and bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding).

Who Is a Candidate for the Herbst Appliance?

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Many patients with abnormalities in their jaw’s anatomy are candidates for the Herbst appliance, including both adults and children. For children, the Herbst can guide jaw development and prevent future sleep apnea (and other jaw-related problems). It can even help adults avoid the need for corrective jaw surgery by helping their TMJ achieve proper alignment.

When you visit us for your consultation, we will analyze your oral anatomy and make a recommendation on what type of sleep apnea therapy is right for you. If we recommend that you receive a Herbst appliance, you can look forward to an effective and easy treatment.

What to Expect with the Herbst Appliance

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After the Herbst appliance is attached to your teeth, it may take you a week or so to get used to eating and speaking with it. Most patients adapt fairly quickly and find that their overall experience with the Herbst is comfortable. You will be able to move your jaw in whatever way you choose. Our team will closely monitor your treatment and remove the appliance when the jaw is in its desired position. Periodic adjustments may be necessary to ensure the best possible results. The average overall treatment time is 9 – 12 months.

Taking care of your Herbst appliance is simple. You’ll just need to avoid hard and sticky foods and maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine. It’s especially important that you’re diligent about cleaning the area around where the appliance is attached to your teeth. If, at any time during your treatment, your appliance breaks or experiences other problems, contact us right away so we can make room in our schedule to see you and fix the issue ASAP.

Do you believe you could benefit from a Herbst oral appliance or another type of sleep apnea therapy? Request an appointment with Dr. Dawoud of Dental Sleep Center North Jersey today.