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Combined Therapy - West Orange, NJ

The Best of Both Worlds

Oral appliance and CPAP mask

Many patients who regularly rely on a CPAP system for sleep apnea treatment tend to have a love-hate relationship with it. They can’t achieve good rest without it, but the noise, the discomfort, and the constant maintenance grates on their nerves. It’s the only option for patients with moderate and advanced sleep apnea symptoms – or is it? At Dental Sleep Center North Jersey, we’re happy to let you know that this isn’t necessarily the case any longer.

Dr. Med Dawoud can combine the proven effectiveness of CPAP machines with a customized oral appliance here in West Orange, creating a transformative treatment method that is likely to exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Dental Sleep Center North Jersey For Combined Therapy?

  • 100% FREE Initial Consultations
  • Advanced, Customized Oral Appliances That Provide Lasting Relief
  • Comfortable & Modern Sleep Apnea Dentist's Office Setting

What is Combined Therapy?

Man sleeping with CPAP nasal mask

The two most common types of sleep apnea treatment are oral appliances and CPAP. While many patients are able to achieve significant, lasting relief with one of these two choices, others may struggle in vain to find the perfect balance of support. For instance, some patients are genuinely CPAP intolerant, but their symptoms aren’t properly managed by the use of an oral appliance alone either.

This is where combined therapy comes in. It’s exactly what it sounds like – patients will use both an oral appliance and a CPAP machine. Because the oral appliance is already doing a lot of the work when it comes to opening the airway, the CPAP can be placed on a lower setting, which means patients will only need to wear a nasal mask instead of one that covers their full face. This increased comfort is often ideal for patients!

Is Combined Therapy Right For Me?

Woman placing CPAP mask

You may be the right candidate for combined therapy in the following circumstances:

  • You are intolerant to CPAP use
  • You are not achieving relief from your sleep apnea symptoms with an oral appliance
  • You’ve already undergone corrective surgery to treat sleep apnea and are still experiencing symptoms

What are the Benefits of Combined Therapy?

Woman waking feeling rested

  • Effectiveness – Combined therapy was demonstrated through a study conducted by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine to noticeably reduce apnea events (full stops in breathing) at a more successful rate than both oral appliance and traditional CPAP use. Test subjects relying on a CPAP reduced their apnea events to four in an hour on average, while test subjects using combined therapy were able to further shrink that number to just two!
  • Comfort – Because CPAP machines can be used on a much lower setting when pairing them with oral appliances, the patient will feel less restricted throughout the night. The noise levels are greatly reduced as well. This will encourage a greater level of compliance and better results for long-term health.
  • Convenience – It can be extremely difficult to travel with a big, bulky CPAP machine, which is why many patients forego treatment when going on vacation. When using combined therapy, it’s easy to take the oral appliance along for the ride so that symptoms are at least partially addressed when flying or on the road.

How Do I Get Combined Therapy?

Woman at sleep test

Are you interested in exploring combined therapy further? That’s great news! Contact Dental Sleep Center North Jersey today to schedule a consultation – it’s 100% FREE. During this initial appointment, Dr. Dawoud will perform an in-depth exam and determine if this therapy approach is a good fit for your unique oral structure and symptoms. If so, he will get to work and start designing your painstakingly personalized oral appliance.

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